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Topic: Problem with RMX and BCR2000

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    Problem with RMX and BCR2000

    I have a unusual problem with RMX, when I use the midi learn and try and get my behringer BCR2000 to interpret the data it doesn't work.

    Is anyone out there who can shed some light on this subject


    Dell 2.6
    1gb Ram
    SX 3 / Various apps
    1010 LT / SW1000 XG
    Powercore Element

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    Re: Problem with RMX and BCR2000

    I'd be glad to try to shed some light, but I'm not sure what the subject is here :-). Can you provide some more details about what you're trying to do? In particular, what do you mean by "interpret the data", and "doesn't work"?

    - Glenn

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    Re: Problem with RMX and BCR2000

    Sorry for that, I am trying to control RMX via the BCR200 using the dials for realtime sound shaping.

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    Re: Problem with RMX and BCR2000


    I'm using the BCF2000 with SX 3.0.2, Stylus RMX & K2.

    Works great with Stylus-RMX.
    [ I'm using the BCF in USB mode]

    SX-3: Go to the <Devices> Menu at the top of SX3.

    At the bottom of this drop-down you'll see Device Set-up

    I got this from the SX-Manual:
    In MIDI, All Midi Inputs, I've checked the BCF (USB Audio Device) as No in Active. (So it's not active)

    but Active in 'Windows Midi'.
    That's the hard part over.

    Then for stylus:
    In SX I've got the individual Midi channels to accept midi data from the main piano type controller.
    Then I've got another channel set up to control Stylus RMX in 'ANY'.
    The In is the USB Audio Device (BCF).

    Then it's as simple as:
    Stylus: Midi Learn.
    Toggle the dial you wish to automate.
    Move the slider on the BCF.

    Works instantly.
    Great fun......

    Hope that helps,


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    Re: Problem with RMX and BCR2000

    Cheers for that dave.

    I will give it a go over the weekend.



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