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Topic: Need Help w/Real-time Midi Controller Setup/Capability

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    Need Help w/Real-time Midi Controller Setup/Capability


    I am getting GigaStudio 160. I really want to take advantage of real-time controllers. I currently have a yamaha PSR-520 (only has a pitch wheel) as my controller, and I am using the Darla 24/96 sound card.

    I am planning to get a dedicated midi controller with 16 programmable slide faders.

    Do I have to get another sound card, or will Gigasampler/GigaStudio respond to controllers regardless of soundcard?

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    Re: Need Help w/Real-time Midi Controller Setup/Capability

    It should respond regardless of the soundcard.

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    Re: Need Help w/Real-time Midi Controller Setup/Capability

    Where do you get a programmable dedicated midi controller (only) from? I could really use one with gigasampler with my setup. Please let me know.


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    Re: Need Help w/Real-time Midi Controller Setup/Capability

    Greetings Stheri,

    The Peavey PC-1600x (was I supposed to say that) is a midi controller that has 16 programmable slider/faders). The only way you can get one is through one of Peavey\'s dealers. In my area, that is Brook May\'s Keyboard Center. They said it takes about a week to ship. It\'s around $400.

    But then, I got to doing some more research. The Alesis QS7.1 is probably what I will get to control the GigaStudio. It has 4 programmable sliders, pitch, programmable modulator wheel, 2 assignable pedal, and 1 sustain pedal. It also give me 4 analog 1/4\" outputs and an whole new plethera of sounds with room for expansion. I read in one of my recording books that electronic musicians should have both a sampler (e.g. GigaStudio) and some synth. If you go this route, you get the synth, controller, I/O, etc rolled up into one keyboard. What do you think about this?

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    Re: Need Help w/Real-time Midi Controller Setup/Capability

    If you buy a midi controller ,then make sure it has inputs for foot pedals [the off and on kind and the continuous kind] because your probably going to want to control some aspects of your sounds with your feet ,expecially when you playing electronic drums.
    As far as the peavey unit goes I dont know if it has ft controller inputs [It probably does] but the price of $400 that was quoted for the cost seems very high .It only retails for $399 and with even a minimum discount of 25 percent ,it brings the price down to $300.There also the emu launch pad that has some controller capabilities . And last I heard emu was blowing them out for aound $200[go to the emu site and search the product]. Also ive seen on the internet at used instrument classified sites like harmonycentral.com used midi controllers like the jl cooper fademaster for the $125 price range.

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    Re: Need Help w/Real-time Midi Controller Setup/Capability

    The PC-1600x takes up to two continuous controller pedals (sold separately). I don\'t think the Launchpad has any, or at least not two, if I remember correctly.


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    Re: Need Help w/Real-time Midi Controller Setup/Capability

    Just thought I\'d add my two pence worth and mention the kenton control freak.

    It works a treat and I\'ve got two pedals plugged into it. One, a volume pedal, provides midi continuous control over anything from filterCutoff to new gigastudio crossfading (oh joy of joys). The other acts as a switch, controlling anything which I might wish to switch (volume, sustain, dimension bypass, etc). Great Fun

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