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Topic: Headphone Amp

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    Headphone Amp

    Hello all,

    I am not a PRO. I am looking for a good headphone amp with at least four outputs. It does not have to be great. I am talking prosumer here or serious hobbyist, not for money kind of thing. I have researched a bit on the internet and see lots of models in the $100 and below range. They seem attractive until you get to reading the reviews. Poor pots, distortion, etc. However, I do not want to spend much more than this and definitely not more than $200 after tax and shipping. I am willing to wait for a great clearance sale online to get the one out of my price range if necessary. I just need to know which is one you recommend from experience. Thanks for the response!

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    Re: Headphone Amp

    Small stereo amp from a pawn shop?


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    Re: Headphone Amp

    I have a Fostex PH-5 that I've used for years. Two stereo inputs and 5 headphone outs - 2 of which you can switch between inputs A or B. I don't remember the original cost but you might be able to pick up a used one somewhere pretty cheap. Great for group vocals, etc.

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    Talking Re: Headphone Amp

    I have a Behringer headphone amp. I highly recommend it. It runs about $99 street. In addition to developing decent volume, it has the ability to accept an auxilary input on any of the four channels. I often take a preamp output and run into the auxilary input. That way, I can avoid all latency issues when overdubbing vocals or guitars. Plus, it is very easy to adjust the level between the the regular headphone mix and the instrument you are direct monitoring. I also take outputs from a couple of the channels and run them into cheap speakers when I am checking a mix on low end speakers. So it serves a lot of nice functions. Plus...it looks great!

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