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Topic: GS Instrument Editor is unreliable

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    GS Instrument Editor is unreliable

    I\'ve been working on Will Lee\'s Bass library and each time I try to build a pretty complex .gig (sustained,mutes,slaps and Xtras on the same midi channel using the Dimensions) the editor crashes ... That\'s very annoying and time wasting.
    Maybe I\'m just out of luck.
    WL basses sound great by the way, I wish there will be a new built version for GS with more velocity splits.
    Keep groovin\'.

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    Re: GS Instrument Editor is unreliable

    Be careful with GS editor. It is a system for experts to me, many important features missing and very buggy. It is a release for professional sounddesigners like me, i hope too, that with 1.6 a better editor will be available

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