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Topic: Will this work?

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    Will this work?

    I am getting ocational drop outs. I wondering if my configuration is compatible... Are there known issues with the Quantum drive I\'m using? What about using the AMD?

    AMD K6-2/500MZ, 128kb

    2 drives, Quantum Fireball UDMA DMA/66 7200rpm 15GB dedicated giga samples, the other UDMA is for programs.


    Jeff Krause

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    Re: Will this work?

    It should be just fine. My current GS computer is a K6-2 450 w/128MB ram and two SCSI drives. For IDE drives there is a special setting for DMA that you need to turn on. Go to the tips forum and read the article: http://www.northernsounds.com/ubb/NonCGI/Forum17/HTML/000003.html
    and read the part about setting up an IDE drive and also the \"UPDATE\" part for setting up a PC in a non-dedicated configuration.

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    Re: Will this work?

    Thank you. Changed the DMA settings, in a limited test, it does seem to have eliminated the dropouts/pops.

    FYI, this system is dedicated to Giga. I use a wavecenter card, adat out to feed my DAW/Sequencer. It is a yamaha DS2416 /AX16.

    Hopefully, I can get to the business of making some tunes...

    Thanks again.


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