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Topic: 1394.EEE (Firewire) Hard Drives

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    1394.EEE (Firewire) Hard Drives

    Western Digital just announced they have 1394 type hard drives. Can 1394 work with Gigasampler or Giga Studio???

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    Re: 1394.EEE (Firewire) Hard Drives

    You might want to wait a bit on Firewire. Early indications are that it is not living up to the hype, at least in the implementations currently available. You would do much better with IDE or SCSI. I\'m on a DAW discussion group where people are trying to get these things to perform at the level of IDE/SCSI, to no avail. Street price for a 20GB/5400RPM is ~$400. You can get a Maxtor 40GB/7200RPM IDE for less than $300. Here\'s a review. http://sysopt.earthweb.com/reviews/hotdrive/index.html

    It\'s my guess that this particular Firewire drive would not do well with GS.

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