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Topic: mac and pc togetherness?

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    mac and pc togetherness?

    hello all,

    i am building a daw only pc and am wondering if i can use an ibook to download software updates to transfer onto the pc. the pc has a card reader as well as dvd rw. any thoughts?

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    Re: mac and pc togetherness?

    I don't see why not. The nature of the file will not change just because it's temporarily resting on a different filesystem.

    I use a Mac and PC every day in my studio, and they get along quite well. Just stick the computers on a switch (or use a crossover cable) and you can network them to share files. There's no need to transfer files with a card reader or optical media.

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    Re: mac and pc togetherness?

    I've got two Macs and a PC here in the studio, and my husband has a Linux box. All are networked via ethernet, and the connections work just fine.

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    Re: mac and pc togetherness?

    thanks for the replies!

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    Re: mac and pc togetherness?

    And if the network thing at happening, at the very least you can download on MAc, burn a CD with the file and then move it to the PC.

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