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Topic: Clicks/pops

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    I\'ve emailed Nemesys tech support and called their tech support number and left a message. They must be very, very busy getting ready to launch gigastudio... so maybe someone here can help me:

    Problem: I\'m getting clicks and pops when I hold down the sustain pedal while playing the Gigapiano (the same happens when I\'m playing a lot of other instruments at the same time also). Since it seems that the clicks and pops occur when lots of samples are playing at the same time, I might conclude that this is a computer performance issue. But since my computer easily exceeds the specs required for Gigasampler to perform well, I\'m baffled.

    My setup: PII-350Mhz 128 Mg ram 1 internal drive - Quantum Fireball Plus KA 18Gig with 7200 rpm and 8.5ms average seek time. This drive is an Ultra ATA-66 drive running on a 33mb/sec bus. The sound card I use for Gigasampler is the WaMi Rack 24, but I also have a Creative Labs AEW 64 gold card installed at the same time.

    Questions: would buying a PCI Ultra ATA-66 controller card solve my problem? Is is possible that the Creative Labs card is causing the performance loss?

    Jack Wall

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    Re: Clicks/pops

    I had the same problem running the steinway sample in cakewalk. When i upped my memory to 256 and turned off virtual memory it disapeared. I remember that previous posters have said that ata 66 is not really an issue even though i can\'t remember the reason, possibly gigasampler can\'t take advantage of the increased transfer speed anyway. Try turning your polyphony down also, for some reason this worked for me till I got the extra memory.

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