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Topic: Drag and Drop Issue with RMX & Cubase SX3

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    Unhappy Drag and Drop Issue with RMX & Cubase SX3

    I am experiencing erratic behaviour from RMX 1.2 when using the drag and drop feature with Cubase SX 3.1
    To elaborate, if I select a groove element (slice menu mode) and drag it from the RMX drag window to an appropriate midi track in Cubase, it often does not play back in Cubase identically to playing it in RMX. It has the same sounds but the pattern is almost randomized. If have to try multiple times before I get a drop that plays back the same as the element I selected in RMX.

    Last night I got more adventurous and tried dragging 2 different elements from the same suite into Cubase, a beat element and combo element from the same suite. These were arranged next to each other on my RMX midi track in Cubase. The first element played fine but as soon as I dragged the second element in it messed up the first one. The pattern was the same but I think the slices and therefore sounds changed to those of the 2nd element. I even tried using different midi tracks but it made no difference.

    Any ideas what might be causing this please?

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    Re: Drag and Drop Issue with RMX & Cubase SX3

    In slice menu mode, the midi part in cubase will play the groove you have selected in the RMX browser. The midi part and the groove selection are a matched set. The midi will only play properly if you leave the browser selection as it was when you dragged the midi.

    If you change the selection after you've dragged the midi, as you did when you selected the second groove, the first midi part will not play properly.
    Note the midi part is named with its corresponding groove in case you need to reselect it in RMX.

    If you'd like to play multiple grooves from a single cubase track (and therefore a single RMX part), try using groove menu mode instead of slice menu mode. See the "Browser - Drag and Drop MIDI Files" tutorial for details.

    - Glenn

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    Re: Drag and Drop Issue with RMX & Cubase SX3

    Wow! Exactly the problem I was having! - thank you so much!!!
    I love RMX but am just trying to use it properly for the first time for a demo.

    One question though, with dragging into a Cubase midi track - is there a way you can drag the groove in from RMX and it lands in the assigned RMX track and not in one of an increasing number of tracks that are created under the midi track, and which also aligns itself with the beginning of the song?
    i may be doing something obviously wrong again, but this is damned inconvenient!!
    Thanks a bunch for the Groove/Slice Mode tip though!!

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    Re: Drag and Drop Issue with RMX & Cubase SX3

    You forgot to mention the version of Cubase SX that you're using, but if you'd like me to read your mind, hold still for a moment....yes, I believe it is version 2. Try upgrading to version 3 to fix this problem :-).

    - Glenn

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