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Topic: HOW to sync two DAWS

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    Unhappy HOW to sync two DAWS


    Require your Help.Tired Of syncing two computers

    COMPUTER 1 : P4, 1Gb ram, 200gb hard disk, sb live card,Fire wire card,LAN card

    COMPUTER 2 : AMD 64 +asus mother board ,2Gb ram ,200 Gb Hard disk, firwire card ,lan card

    I HVAE AUDIO INTERFACE 828 Mkll connceted to both

    SOFTWARE : Cubase sx, Nuendo, vst plugins

    Q 1 HOw to Sync both the comps,what is the procedure,i tried system link
    but not able to understand bit confused.

    Q 2 Can you U use only one audio card for both? if not

    what is the other solution apart from buying card for other pc

    I dont have the budget to buy other sound card.

    PLZ HELP ME OUT GUYS its been a month cracking the solution.But not able to crack.

    Thank YOU in ADVANCE

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    Re: HOW to sync two DAWS


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    Re: HOW to sync two DAWS

    Right on! jc

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