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Topic: OT: Accompaniment plugin for Sonar

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    Cool OT: Accompaniment plugin for Sonar

    Hey, guys & gals.

    You know about electronic keyboards that have auto-accompaniment: with your left hand, you hit the C key, and you get C-major accomp, or you hit G & F at the same time and you get G7 accompaniment, or A and A-flat at the same and you get A-minor accompaniment, etc, etc, etc. Meanwhile, you merrily play the tune on your right hand.

    Does anyone have similar functionality in a plug-in for Sonar? I kind of envision something that works similarly to Session Drummer, where you build a "song" (or sequence of chordal accomps). Then you can optionally extract the accomp into individual tracks (rythmn, bass, accomp instrument, etc.), so you can further customize down to the individual bar/measure.
    Steve A. Gallant


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    Re: OT: Accompaniment plugin for Sonar

    I'm a newbie to Sonar, bur there is a plugin (that I haven't yet used) shipped with Sonar:

    Midi effects - JMT Orchestrator lite

    Might be wrth a try

    Richard N.

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    Re: OT: Accompaniment plugin for Sonar

    yes..and there is a full non-lite version of JMT. Check out www.ntonyx.com.

    "Music is a manifestation of the human spirit similar to a language. If we do not want such things to remain dead treasures, we must do our utmost to make the greatest number of people understand their secrets" -- Zoltan Kodaly

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    Re: OT: Accompaniment plugin for Sonar

    Thank you all for your respective input... the JMT product is exactly what I'm looking for!

    It was right under my nose the whole time! I've downloaded the full version.

    Cheers 'n' Beers.
    Steve A. Gallant


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    Re: OT: Accompaniment plugin for Sonar


    As an additional tool, you really should check out Band in a Box. It's a standalone app, but this is what these guys do, to extremes, and it's a very mature product. They're the head of the pack for auto-accompany stuff. An old friend of mine who did a lot of MIDI single / duo gigs used it heavily, it's a nice piece of work.

    Christopher Duncan
    Author of
    Unite the Tribes and The Career Programmer

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    Re: OT: Accompaniment plugin for Sonar

    Quote Originally Posted by Christopher Duncan

    As an additional tool, you really should check out Band in a Box.
    Thanks for the tip, Chris.
    Steve A. Gallant


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