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Topic: GS Polyphony Problems/Questions

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    GS Polyphony Problems/Questions

    Hi there!!
    Maybe someone out there can help me with this problem that I think I have...I\'m
    trying to use some drum samples-Ross Garfield Drum Doctor 2. These have been
    converted to Gig. with S-Converter.There seems to be two types according to
    the Akai CD sleevenotes XF-crossfade or VS-velocity switched. When these are
    converted to Gigs. the VS type show up in the Editor as 4 mono samples with
    4 velocity zones. When inspecting the XF type they show up as Dimensions
    with 4 layers...when i select each layer the velocity map shows each sample
    with a velocity range of 0-127...so i presume this is the same as crossfade.
    I also notice that in the Dimensions they are 0-31,32-63,64-95,96-127 and on
    pressing the Dimension edit button it says (2bits 4splits) and the control
    source is Layer. Does this mean that the Crossfade is controlled by how hard
    i hit the controller?...a keyboard in my case.... A more important question
    is.... would this Dimension setting use 4 times as much polyphony as the
    VS/Velocity switched version? Maybe I\'m answering my own question but the
    scenario is.. if i run an 8 bar sequence with the following
    Track 1 Kick-VS - 4 beats to the bar
    Track 2 AO Violin section basic Key- 4 sustained notes
    With this there is no problem....BUT as soon as change the VS Kick for the
    XF version the sustained strings begin to cut out until only one note is
    playing....and then reverting back to the VS Kick restores the polyphony..I guess what I\'m asking is does 1 XF kick(mono samples) plus 4 sustained notes
    of AO Violin section basic use up the 48 note Polyphony of my GS LE? or are there
    darker forces at work?
    I hope what I\'ve written makes sense to someone ...and if not I\'m sorry to
    waste your time!!
    All the best

    My setup:
    GS LE v.1.60 on a dedicated machine
    Celeron 466
    Gigabyte BX2000 Mobo Bio v.F2
    IBM 22GXP 72000 22gig HD separate drive Secondary Master DMA enabled
    ATI Rage Pro Turbo AGP 4 mb
    Minimal install on separate Partition (partition Magic)
    Using with Logic Audio Platinum 4.14 on separate machine

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    Re: GS Polyphony Problems/Questions

    Karaznet, I have polyphony problems that have yet to be explained, and I have the full 64 voice version. I would suggest that you upgrade to Gigastudio, and hope, like I do that the 98 or so voices do the trick. I have done the simplest arrangements and have had notes cut off using AO and other libraries. I have asked time and again and the answer I get is that many samples use 4 and up to 6 voices. This in mind, it still does not even come close to adding up.

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