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Topic: Setting up another DAW, syncing, etc...

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    Setting up another DAW, syncing, etc...

    Hi there!

    I am setting up a second DAW and I have litteraly no idea where to start... I have been surfing the forums but I can't figure out what is the best thing to do... so I'd appreciate some help

    I would like to use Giga3+samples and Several VSTis + Cubase Sx2 as a Sequencer.

    Current PC: P4 2.4, 2 Gig Ram, One Scope audio card (creamware pulsar) 160 Gb HD Sata 7200
    Second PC: 3.4, 2 Gig Ram 3x250 Gb Hd Sata 7200
    Yamaha o1V
    Behringer A/D D/A converter

    1) Win XP or Win 2003?
    I have heard that Win 2003 handles HD speed a lot faster... how does it works with audio?

    2) Which one as the 2nd pc?
    The point is: which one for sequencing/ recording audio / VSTis?

    3) A)How to separate the different libraries?
    B) How to run them? (as stand alone, VST, etc...)

    and the difficult part (for me):

    4) Ho to sync midi and audio?

    Do I have to Use Fx teleport?
    Do I need any additional audio hardware? Which one would u recommend?
    I currently have two screens, do I need another two for the second pc or can I switch from one and another?

    I know it's quite a lot but while I try to figure out myself, I will appreciate some help
    Thks a lot!


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    Re: Setting up another DAW, syncing, etc...

    You better look in the Gigastudio forum there are loads of topics about several possibilities for syncing second puters!
    Search for MidioverLan and FX-max giga adapter.

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    Re: Setting up another DAW, syncing, etc...

    My advice, get a VST-based sampler (Kontakt 2 or HALion 3.1) and an audio card that comes with Cubase SE bundled with it and synchronize over your audio connection to your Cubase SX machine using VST System Link. Everything stays sample-accurate and you can distribute the sequencing load across both boxes. I use Nuendo and Cubase SX in that form and it works a treat. Since I bought a TASCAM FW-1884 last year I can also get a free seat for Cubase SE -- and I'm considering it seriously in order to add a third machine.

    Anyway, there's lots of ways to slice it. Good luck.
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