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Topic: System for GigaSampler

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    System for GigaSampler


    I\'m about to set up a second computer just for GS. It\'ll be a Celeron 500, Abit BH6
    moboard, 256 MB, and a seperate SCSI drive
    for the GS files. I make orchestral music so
    I need high polyphony. Will a Celeron 500 be
    enough? The \"dream system\" in the GS faq is
    based on a PII (basically same as Celeron) so I guess it\'ll be ok.

    If I need more than 64 voices I\'ll buy GigaStudio instead. Does anyone know what you need to get really polyphony? I suppose
    I need something faster than a C500, right?
    (I won\'t use the software effects).

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    Re: System for GigaSampler

    Your Celeron 500 is more than enough for GS. For the increased polyphony in GStudio, I\'d wager that both throughput (HD to memory, memory to cpu) and floating point power are the most important factors in getting more voices.

    We\'ll know for sure when GStudio comes out.

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