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Topic: Cd Extract or Translator ???

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    Angry Cd Extract or Translator ???

    i have giga files and akai disks and i want convert for HALION.
    what its better for convert in terms of quality sound and perfect convertion ?

    Cd extract

    Translator ( chicken systems )

    or the sampler Halion

    the sampler halion reads akai, and giga and convert to halion to.
    the convertion with halion its good ? its perfect ?

    when i convert in halion and i listening i like the sound quality
    what its better ????

    cd extract and translator terms of quality sound and perfect convertion what of the 2 are the best?

    cd extract,translator and halion terms of quality sound and perfect convertion what of the 3 are the best?

    thanks .

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    Re: Cd Extract or Translator ???

    Hi sputnik,

    I believe that both CDXtract and Translator have demo versions. You should try them both out. In some cases, I have found Translator to do a better conversion and in others I have found CDXtract to do a better job. The raw samples sound exactly the same (to me). It is the programs and programming that sound different from time to time. That is why I own both.

    CDXtract converts first to an internal format and then converts to any of the destination formats from there whereas I believe that Translator attempts to convert the programs directly. That is why I tend to use Translator more for my conversions and it is the one that I go to first. The user interface is simpler on CDXtract but I find that Translator gets me closer to the original programs quicker.

    If the original libraries are simply programmed (many Akai libs are - but not all), either one will work without issue IMHO. Translator tends to work better for me when there is more complex programming such as modwheel crossfades, etc. YMMV.


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    Re: Cd Extract or Translator ???


    Sorry, I have no experience with Halion's conversion routines. I recommend that you try Halion's conversion as well as the demos for CDXtract and Translator. Take some basic programs as well as some that have more complext programs and compare the results.


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    Re: Cd Extract or Translator ???

    thanks fv for your help



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    Thumbs up Re: Cd Extract or Translator ???

    ...and FWIW, Garth (ChickenSys) offers incredible customer care. He can walk you through any issue and is always available via telephone.
    Bela D Media | www.BelaDMedia.com

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