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Topic: Fun Audio Trick.

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    Talking Fun Audio Trick.

    Some of you seasoned well experienced people probably know this one but what the hey what the woe what the hee.
    After you are finished with a mix and have rendered your midi file to audio, copy the completed version to another track making an exact duplicate. Off set one track by a millisecond or a millipede if you have one handy. Now take one track and pan it all the way to the right and the other all the way to the left. Sit back and listen to the levels and adjust to accordingly.
    Try extracting and audio from a CD and work with it in the same way. Like I first stated some of you may know this as old hat. I was having fun with it and thought I would share. To me it gives sort of a wide ambient "live" sound. I'm nuts right? Or, your nuts? Or everyone's nuts?

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    Re: Fun Audio Trick.

    Whether or not I am nuts is completely beside the point!!!

    I like doing this too for some things - it is a nice effect.

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    Re: Fun Audio Trick.

    I discovered this trick on my own awhile back. Take a listen to the track "My Hands are Shaking" from my CD on this page (Rock -- no GPO):


    I use the effect on the spoken distorted lines:
    Did you say something?
    my hands are shaking
    turn around

    Gives it a strange stereo effect, as the original is of course mono
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    Re: Fun Audio Trick.


    So is this how stereo reverb works?
    I had a mono recording and put stereo reverb on it and I've been wondering how the reverb did its magic for months now!

    I think I know now.

    Thanks, Styxx!
    Great tip!


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