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Topic: PC Video Card Question...

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    PC Video Card Question...

    Having trouble with my PC and brought it to a repair center which said that first off, the video card is out. Originally we were troubleshooting why two drives were not showing up, but the other night, when I started up, there was nothing onscreen but black.

    It had a 64MB AGP Video card with DVI/VGA connectors in it (this PC was built for me, I know nothing about them) and I'm just wondering if there is anything I should avoid in replacing it, to insure compatibility with Giga. Computer Geek Squad at Best Buy will undoubtedly try to sell me something Best Buy carries, so I want to make sure I get the right thing. Seems to me I heard that Giga/audio PCs had to have certain video cards or you might run into trouble.

    This is a P4 with a Intel Motherboard running XP.

    Thanks for any advice...


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    Re: PC Video Card Question...


    any AGP card is fine...

    Zipzoomfly.com has them all - great prices. Stick with a 128mb video card..
    No need to go higher..PIV compatible of course.

    Alan Russell
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    Re: PC Video Card Question...

    Is this a dedicated Giga PC or is it your DAW which also runs GS?

    If it's just running Giga, then inexpensive cards are fine (in the 60-80 range online at zipzoomfly or mwave).

    If this is your main DAW, I would suggest a nicer video card (150 range on those sites, such as the Asus FX5700 128mb) simply to take as much video processing strain off your machine as possible so it can do more important jobs without hiccups. Since most of these cards are designed for 3d accelleration, the focus should be on GPU (cpu speed for video cards). The faster that number, the better your computer performs in all tasks, from basic stuff like browsing a webpage or directory folder without an mp3 stuttering, to drawing wave-forms out in SX while you record in real time.

    I've had many different video cards running on dedicated Giga machines, from 2.5 and now 3, and have had no compatability issues, using NVidia based cards (my few experiences with ATI were not pleasant, but more for software reasons, and I'm just sticking with what I know these days.) Every time I update a video card in my main pc, I "upgrade" the other machines with the replaced card. Not because it really helps with anything specific, but if I've got a better card than what's already in one, I might as well be using it!

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    Re: PC Video Card Question...

    In my opinion it's a good idea to get a video card without a fan if it's just for a DAW - it will be quieter, take less power, and cheaper!

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    Re: PC Video Card Question...

    Hey thanks guys. Yes, this is a dedicated GIGA machine, so all it's ever doing is running Giga, or QLSO standalone once in awhile. I use the Mac for all the DAW stuff....

    Thanks again!


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