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Topic: The Giovani Edition - Initial Beta Report Shared

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    Arrow The Giovani Edition - Initial Beta Report Shared

    Quote Originally Posted by thesoundsmith
    I need it for my current primary project, is there a time frame (a month, six months, when the cows come home?)
    We thought it best to move this from the Garritan forum to the main page.

    That’s a great question. So what is the answer? I would love nothing more then to post full details and beta demos but I must refrain from doing so. I will share what has already been posted on our user’s forum and take the liberty to omit…


    From our perspective, being that of using most all the significant organic instrument and choral libraries, we think Giovani is somewhat of a different breed. While most libraries go for perhaps an overly polished, almost surreal sound, Giovani has a really nice intimacy to it. Sort of what you would expect a "real world" children’s choir to sound like. It doesn’t sound like it has been auto-tuned to death, which is certainly fine by us.

    It is just that Giovani is different. Not airy or spacey, but real. We also really like the room that the children were cut in. Sits nicely in mix.

    mgr, Legacy Lab / USA


    What I can say from what I have used of the library so far is, that the voices sit very nice and easy in the mix. They add a real natural vocal feeling to the music. As with DIVA, Giovani will be rather useful for soft and atmospheric or angelic music. The sound is very pure and human. The VC concept (Vocal Control) will make it easy for the vocals to sound even more real.

    Markus Schmidt


    As a Classical Music trained composer looking for Classical Music simulation tools, I'm really happy participating in the test: the Giovani library is something that a performer musician or a choir director can really appreciate. The nice sound and the natural recording of samples are working with an interesting set of expressive controllers. The final result is a rendering, the nearest to real performance I actually may expect from a PC based tool. If the final release will be similar to the beta preview we are testing, I think that also Music Academies and Composition Teachers will be VERY interested.

    The sound is then respecting the reality, and you wont find here thundering power or screaming "fff", and no icy pure distilled sounds (that no boys choir in the world is able to produce).

    My humble opinion is that the benefit of a real sounding choir (emission, intonation, noise, ambience) will be enjoyable even in more fantasy oriented soundtrack mix, or every time a touch of intimate realism is requested.

    Best Regards
    Fabio Vicentini / Italy


    A view from the other side...

    Well you're heard here some experiences with Giovani by some pro's, but I thought I'd chime in with a review from the normal guy. You know, the guy with not so perfect pitch, not so good hearing, and not so good at music.

    Anyway, Frank let me hear Giovani some months ago and I was lucky enough to put it through some paces recently. My initial reaction with this library was one of supreme enjoyment. There is an unparalleled intimate character to the voices that really lends itself well to the style I associate myself with. This is not to say that Giovani isn't just as capable at other types of music, but I feel that Frank was aiming at dark, romantic, intimacy with the character and nailed it.

    The actual sound of the environment in which Giovani has not presented any problems to me while mixing and is a very nice sound. I've heard some dialog that an impulse will be included for those that want an easier mix. The overall dynamic level of the library has been much debated, but I feel that where it is now is perfect and usable for most any type of music I've placed it in. And of course, you may adjust that at will yourself from within your sampler of choice. The sound? Giddily wonderful. The other guys are right. It isn't 'in your face' or 'clinical' or 'mechanical.' It’s a living, breathing sound. If you want it to be, it’s haunting. If you like lifting, it can do that to. Versatile, capable, and beautiful. What more do you want?

    There's a lot of good programming on hand to give users ample ways to use the library. Particularly the Vocal Control and Attack Control. I won't bore you with too many details/words, but let it be said that these two programming features make it infinitely easier to fit Giovani into your tracks. Without it you'd be much more limited on the use of the library.

    JB/ USA


    Giovani, at current, is simply stunning. Nothing sounds sampled. The ethereal tone of the children begs the attention of the film composer.

    Steve Howell
    Hollow Sun / London

    The Giovani Edition - Voices of the Young
    Coming soon!

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    Re: The Giovani Edition - Initial Beta Report Shared

    Soon. Soon. By computer standards (3 nanoseconds?) By astronomical time (billions and billions of years...?)

    Oh well, I hope it's in time for my album mastering...

    Sorry about the original location, I thought I WAS in the main forum.
    It's all about the music - really. I keep telling myself that...

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    Re: The Giovani Edition - Initial Beta Report Shared


    Now we need demos, baby!

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    Re: The Giovani Edition - Initial Beta Report Shared

    where can you hear it? I am interested in more ethereal voice style samples...
    All I can Say is...HA!...HA!...HAAAAAAA!!!!!

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    Re: The Giovani Edition - Initial Beta Report Shared

    The release of this library is one of the best events this year !
    Theo Krueger - Composer


    Kontakt 2 Scripts

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