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Topic: m audio 192 or gina 3g?

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    m audio 192 or gina 3g?

    sorry to post this here but it's an emergency maudio 192khz audiophile or gina 3g?
    i'm planning to buy a new sound card so any help will be welcome.
    ps:my main focus is gigastudio 2.5 or 3 i don't know yet.

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    Re: m audio 192 or gina 3g?

    Can't tell you about the M-Audio, except that their new Firebox does NOT support GSIF, but Echo stuff sounds very good and works quite well.
    It's all about the music - really. I keep telling myself that...

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    Re: m audio 192 or gina 3g?

    I own an Echo MIA and an AP 192. Each has some drawbacks.

    If you own an Asus A8V-Deluxe board (VIA KT800Pro chipset), avoid the Echo. There is some incompatibility between that board/chipset and the Echo drivers. I'm not sure if that has been resolved. I ran into it in December, 2004.

    I bought the AP 192 and gave the MIA to my kids' computer. Its S/PDIF output doesn't work with GS3, and probably won't with GS2.5 either. I tracked it down to the Delta GSIF driver. I'm not using S/PDIF, so it's no big deal for me.

    So, if you don't use an A64 board with VIA, I'd go for the Echo. If you do, I'd go for the AP 192, but not if you need S/PDIF outs.

    Hopefully there will be updates for both drivers, so these issues will disappear.


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    Re: m audio 192 or gina 3g?

    Thesoundsmith and Jonfairhust.thank you very much
    i need spdif and i have an msi kt6v with via chipset kt600.i'll gonna have problems with gina 3g?

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    Re: m audio 192 or gina 3g?

    The MSI board you have is for the normal Athlon, rather than the Athlon64. You should have no problems with it. My MIA runs fine on my Socket A Athlon/VIA system.


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