I have seen mostly troubles when it comes
to getting giga, reaktor, etc. etc. going
alongside a heavy midi/audio sequenser.

My conclusion is that for sirios sampler-
work a dedicated giga-machine is needed.

As I soon got some pieces in hand after
a minor upgrade My Question is:

Celeron 366/550 Mhz at 100 FSB
Aopen BX motherboard/MSI adapter
128 MB SD100 RAM 1 parts
IBM 6.4G/512kb/5400 \"system\"
IBM 10.1G/2MB/7200 \"Audio\"
AWE 64 Gold \"for a start\"

Are these parts likely to make
a good dedicated giga-studio PC,
also with heardromm for effects ?

IF more power is likely needed,
where is then the \"bottlenecks\" ?

About AWE 64 Gold, how does it
AKTUALLY behave, is it for any
use playing realtime ?

Thanks in Advance