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Topic: Where's my 48 note polyphony gone????

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    Where\'s my 48 note polyphony gone????

    Maybe someone can help me.I\'ve been running GS 1.51 LE for quite a few weeks using 7-8 tracks without note stealing.Yesterday I upgraded to 1.52 LE so that I could install S-Converter.Imagine this!! I load a song Drums...4 voices...Bass...1 voice..and 2 voices of operatic samples....As soon as the 3 voice Ultimate String part kicks in....well it dosn\'t actually...Its dropping out all over the place....Thats not even 10 voice poly before I get note stealing...there must be something wrong,it was working before.I\'ve done the usual optimizations with the \'puter which I use only for Gigasampler.Can anyone advise me please???

    Celeron 466
    Abit BX6 r.2.0
    Maxtor 10gig 7200 drive for GS
    256 megs
    AWE64 gold

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    Re: Where\'s my 48 note polyphony gone????

    This should be remedied in 1.6 due out at last, next week. It will be downloadable from the website.
    I sent you a direct email. Talk to you soon

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    Re: Where\'s my 48 note polyphony gone????

    I have the same problem with the full version of GS. I hope it is solved in 1.6. I even bought a second sampler for this problem! Dave, will there be a voice reserve setting in the future? This way you could reserve for example 20 voices for a string part, so that it won\'t cut off, no matter what. Also, at the moment, voices played with sustain pedal are more important than notes that are being held down. This seems strange, I never heard another sampler do this.

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