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Topic: video drivers

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    Re: video drivers

    I\'m running GS on a PIII-500 with no problems. Unless everything (except for the processor) is identical between your two systems, it is not reasonable to assume that it is the PIII-500 causing the problems!


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    video drivers

    does anyone know of any probs with p111 500mhz and the gigasampler.
    i find that if i try to move the giga on screen i get trails like mouse trails and the giga locks up
    yet when i try to install to a p11 machine i have no probs
    any ideas folks ???

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    Re: video drivers

    Also a p3-500 here, works great. Check out what devices are sharing iterrupts, I think that\'s usually the culprit in cases like this. You may have to juggle cards in different slots to get devices not to share interrupts, or to get compatible drivers on the same interrupt if they must share.

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