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Topic: Project SAM True Strike 1 Review

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    Thumbs up Project SAM True Strike 1 Review

    I reviewed the excellent Project SAM True Strike 1 for music4games. Find the review here:
    Whenever I review something, I like to compose something with it and also try out a new orchestra template with the new library in it. So, I composed a song I call "SAM's Desperate Plan", which uses a great deal of True Strike 1 as well as mostly SAM's Brass, naturally . Find it here:
    Another excellent proof of the library is music by our own NS member Maarten, who composed an outstanding not-to-be-missed song called Horseride. There are two versions: the full mix and the percussion only mix.
    The full version can be found HERE.
    The percussion only version can be found HERE.
    Check them out!
    Music4Games: http://www.music4games.net/
    Doyle W. Donehoo, Composer
    Radar Music

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    Re: Project SAM True Strike 1 Review

    Great review!

    Still waiting for the virtual instrument version to arrive through the UK distributor here, and I'm really looking forward to getting my hands on it.


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