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Topic: Looking for good Music arranger ! please read !

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    Looking for good Music arranger ! please read !

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    Hello friends !
    My name is Sonny and I am a music director for 1 Asian music video located in Orange County area [about 30-45 Min to LA].
    I am looking for 2-3 artists that can do some music arrangement for me ...the term is simple:
    * you will earn about 300-500$ [or sometimes more, depends] per song...all you have to do is make an arrangement on ASIAN song [I'll provide], then track all the instruments in either LOGIC7 or Protools, you don't have to use LIVE instruments [but if it's a must, then you will record it yourself].
    * Most of the songs will be ASIAN melody and you will have to turn it into modern dance/broadway or something fancy so don't worry about you will have to do it in ASIAN WAY.
    The frequent job will not quarantee, so consider it will be an extra job for you and I'll pay in cash and tax free.

    *** To join, you will have to send me 1-2 or more of your work [MP3 stereo audio WITH MIDI FILES - to prove that you really the one who made the song], I'll listen to your styles and sound quality ...After carefully listen, if I like your style and music, I'll send you 1 song, for you to begin to work [as a trial], if the result sactify me, I'll pay you in full and will continue to send more songs in the future.

    In worse case, if the 1st song does not satify me for some reason, I'll pay you some little money for your work and I'll not [ever] use your work in any programs ...consider I will lose money but this is a rare case since once I pick anyone to send the 1st song, I already like his/her styles and music already.

    Please note, the "Trial" song is a way for me too see how good you can "survive" and handle ASIAN melody.

    Of course, this business is base on trust so I'll provide all the contact info about me so you don't worry about you send your song and I'll dissapear .
    ** your credit in the video will have your name on it, I'm not going to steal your work.

    So, anybody interested in this please contact me in private at sonnystudio@gmail.com ...we'll discuss more or if you have any questions feel free to post it here.

    The work will start immedietely, and any time

    1- I prefer partners lives in LA or anywhere near LA/Orange County so we can meet and help each other [in case the song need minor fix, troubles or adjust some sounds to fit the song better].
    2- I wrote above "you will earn about 300-500$ [or sometimes more, depends]"
    Depends here is if you invest more in the song such as hire a live musician to play along like guitars, Sax etc ...or Medley kind of songs [8 minutes or more]. So, I can't promise anything, the more you do good job, the more Money I'll offer and it's in range of 300$ to up to 600$ [that's the max our productions allowed].

    I hope I don't asking too much, please ! if you don't interested in this, please no insult words or making fun of it since I am really serious about this and I thought someone might interested !

    This is not a chance for your career, just a way to make some extra cash to buy more sample libraries


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    Re: Looking for good Music arranger ! please read !

    Since I have received many request and questioning about the job, I think I will have to introduce my self in here and explain why I need partners.
    I am an independent producer in Asian-America market focus only Vietnamese and Chinese people live in America, There are many productions [in the market], some of them are very success ... and I worked with most of them.
    I do arrangement and also, Sound engineer, mixing all the songs so too much work for me ...
    So, there is a new production will begin to shoot a live show [live, but the music is playback and the show will filmming and sell in the open market] . I will handle the whole program as a musical director so I will do most of the songs but I also can pick whoever good enough for the show to work with ...the show will have around 30 songs so that over my limit ...I'll do traditional songs, other will do dance/Hiphop or stuff like that.
    That's why, I open this topic
    That's why I can't promise anything since this is a debut video ...the more good partners I found, the more success for the program so I don't know yet, it's all up to you guys who want to join me
    If you send in a demo [well, someone already offered do 1st song for free no matter what] If I don't select, don't be sad, it's does not mean that you are not good, it's just your style does not fit in...
    Thanks !

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