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Topic: GIGASTUDIO on a laptop?

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    GIGASTUDIO on a laptop?

    My URGENT Question:
    Can I run GIGASTUDIO on a good PC Laptop - Powerbook? or is that totally
    impossible because of processor power. I am willing to buy ANY
    recommended PC Powerbook JUST FOR GIGASTUDIO only, since I am a
    MacIntosh user since 10years and will buy a PC ONLY because GIGASTUDIO. Example: 1 want to use 4 Midichannels from GIGASTUDIO
    - one with gigagiano with a compressor, then a brass with your reverb,
    bass with a HiPass Filter and a little ambience, and drums with
    compressor and a gated reverb. is GIGASTUDIO able to mix all that
    including filter and effect sends and offer that mixed signal to a
    digital stereo out (or bounce to disc) - in a laptop? - I would then
    record that stereo trac on a Mac G3 in Logic Audio Platinum, (or import
    it via Ethernet - (PcMacLAN) and that is what I want - basically.
    Please answer me asap because I have to make a reall quick decision about all
    that. Any idea is now helpful to me.
    Thank U so much ! - george

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    Re: GIGASTUDIO on a laptop?

    Let\'s say that CPU power is sufficient (500Mhz) then there remain two issues:
    1.laptops have slow 5400RPM drives. so a second external 7200RPN drive is needed.
    2. You need GSIF driver. Only Egosys wamibox is preparing one (to my knowledge).

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    Re: GIGASTUDIO on a laptop?

    If you want to use a sampler on a laptop, check out Unity from Bitheadz. It works well on a Powerbook, and with a Digigram card, it will output 24bits. You\'ll need lots of RAM, and an external 7200 RPM Firewire harddrive would be nice.

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