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Topic: Protools + M-Audio = compatible

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    Protools + M-Audio = compatible

    Now, this is good news. Digidesign has made pro tools software compatible with the following M-audio hardware:

    FireWire 1814
    FireWire 410
    Audiophile 2496
    Audiophile 192

    Cheer up M-audio owners!

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    Re: Protools + M-Audio = compatible

    wooohoooo! So I can use like ProTools LE with my Audiophile?

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    Re: Protools + M-Audio = compatible

    Even better!

    From what I could understand, you can use the FULL version of protools, as long it is an M-Audio powered version!

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    Re: Protools + M-Audio = compatible

    Oh no... just found out that m-powered protools is a downgraded version of protools LE. No DV Toolkit available for it, totally useless for scoring.

    Give with one hand, take with the other.

    Digidesign sucks!

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    Re: Protools + M-Audio = compatible

    Holy cow - Guga - go ahead and jump to conclusions, already.

    I personally don't have a dog in this fight, but it strikes me as though they are looking to market to mobile music-makers first and foremost - no need to build something that their initial adopters don't care about. I can also see where they'd want to keep some features for the higher tiers, simply because they have a business to run and they need to have something for folks to move to. Why would they want to kill themselves to wedge video support into a $350 product when it would only kill off a percentage of the $1200 sales?

    And finally - just because they don't support it today - in their initial release - doesn't mean that they're not going to find a way to work it into the mix after all of the audio issues have been worked out. Since I have an M-Audio FW-1814, I'm seriously considering it, simply to have a place where I can check my PT conversions out of Nuendo 3. I would have never imagined that this would be possible yesterday - who knows what tomorrow brings?

    Sheesh dude - take a deep breath - they aren't the evil empire, just a successful business trying to take advantage of a good opportunity and solve problems for working musicians...
    Houston Haynes - Titan Line Music

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    Re: Protools + M-Audio = compatible

    And since when timecode should be something destined to higher tiers? Any software (except Pro Tools) has this feature.

    They are preparing their own grave, listen to what I am saying. 10 Years ago they were the must for computer music, and today they are becoming jurassic due to their policies to keep their prices high.

    BTW, have you tried adobe audition? It is already much more powerful than Pro Tools (regarding audio editing only) in it´s first version, just give one year or two and you will see what happens. Timecode included.

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    Wink Re: Protools + M-Audio = compatible

    Dude - you're preaching to the converted here. I've been using Cubase and Nuendo to deliver projects to SloFools houses for years. And besides, they do MMC and MTC, so they *do* have time code capability, just not the kind that you want.

    You've got to understand that they are going to have access and sell-through to a market they've never had before, and you can bet that there's going to be some serious mark-down on it. The guys they're selling to care a lot more about ReWire and Beat Detective than frame rate and plug-in delay compensation. The very fact that we are on this forum having this discussion makes us one-percent-ers - not the market they're selling to with this product.

    I just got the demo and see that there's no time limit on it, only it prevents save and export, which is fine by me. I'll use it to check the projects I export out of Nuendo and convert with EDL-Convert, which will save me some potential headache when I deliver to another post house that only uses PT.

    There will be plenty of folks that will be happy to pony up $295 or whatever the street price ends up being just so that they can say they have "ProTools" in their studio. You'll never catch me saying that, as it would be a downgrade to my current capabilities.
    Houston Haynes - Titan Line Music

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    Re: Protools + M-Audio = compatible

    Yes, yes,

    But gee PT is good for audio editing!! I keep thinking with every new session i create... I'll do this track in Cubase just for a bit of diversity. Something different, but never do! Why? PT is so darn good (and logical) at tracking/editing and mixing audio!

    Do you go an M Audio card or pay the extra for a 002R with full version of Le. (oh, and of course a small insentive the 4 focusrite pre's that are built into the 002). I sold my Audiophile 2496 2 years ago to go the 002. Looking back, i'm very happy with that decision.
    Success is going from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm...

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    Re: Protools + M-Audio = compatible

    How much is the M-Box (not m-powered box)? $450?

    HD systems are very expensive, but $450 doesn't seem like an outrageous price - which is why they sell more of those than McDonald's sells hamburgers.

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    Re: Protools + M-Audio = compatible

    they aren't the evil empire
    They are the evil empire!
    Music Composition for Feature Films, Television and Interactive Entertainment

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