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Topic: Logic and Giga on same machine?

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    Logic and Giga on same machine?

    How can I improve the performance of Logic Audio and Giga on the same PC?

    I have a Pentium 3, 450 with 128 mb ram.

    Will 256 mb ram make any serious difference or is it the CPU or even the HD?


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    Re: Logic and Giga on same machine?

    256 ram should improve things, though it\'s somewhat problematic running the two programs on the same machine. Logic 4.0 doesn\'t seem to work right with Giga at all. Logic 3.6 works better, I\'ve found

    You haven\'t said what HDs you\'re using.

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    Re: Logic and Giga on same machine?

    I don\'t use Logic 4.0 because I\'m not a heavy hard disk recording guy and I don\'t need all those plugins, etc. I\'m using 3.5 and I\'ve had no problems running it with GS. I\'ve got a machine with a Pentium Iii 450mhz processor, 256 megs of RAM, a Soundblaset Live Value and a Quantum UltraATA, 18GB hard drive. I\'ve had no pops or clicks with memory-intensive sounds like the GigaPiano. My advice for the moment is to go back to Logic 3.6 and then, when you can afford it, upgrade your RAM and see how that goes.

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    Re: Logic and Giga on same machine?

    I use IBM Ultra dma 33 (7200 RPM)

    I can make it work now - it is not so safe...


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