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Topic: Setup Recommendation?

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    Setup Recommendation?

    Recently went to a computer recording interface (FirePOD) from a Roland VS-1880 and want to know the best way to set this all up.. I also upgraded to GS3 so I'm kinda reworking the studio:

    GS3 PC w/WaveCenter PCI card


    Sequencer PC w/Sonar 4PE - FirePOD attached. Roland DS-50a monitors. Midi Controller.

    I'm just trying to think of the best way to mix my live tracks with the Gigastudio tracks. I should just record my GS tracks, bring the wav's into Sonar, then go from there? Also, for monitoring, it looks like I'll have to move my cord from the GS computer (WaveCenter PCI card) to the FirePOD when I go back to mixing on the Sequencer PC? I'm just not sure of the best setup here. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Re: Setup Recommendation?

    FX-MAX Giga VST adapter is really cool way to host GS as VSTi (Sonar seems is not, I am not sure).
    After I tried it I use it all the time and play&mix Giga same like any VST instrument.
    My sequencer is Samplitude.


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