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Topic: Quickdrive.

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    Thumbs up Quickdrive.

    I just received a Miro Advantage 1GB Quick Drive from the wife. It's pretty cool the way it uses USB 2.0 or 1. Is this technology soon to replace CD's and or DVD RW someday? The unit sits in the palm of my hand and holds quite a bit of data for its size. I understand they make one in 2 GB, and 5 GB. Call me behind the times but this is amazing to me! I put all my music files on and still have plenty of room for pizza!
    OK, enough rambling. You can tell I am a bit adolescent when it comes to stuffs like this. Bring on the wine!

    Anyone else use these thingamabobs?

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    Re: Quickdrive.

    I use a little thumb-sized jobber, same thing, more or less -- have a couple of them. I'm a chronic paranoid about backup, so I typically keep backing up to an external HD, a Zip drive, a CD, and the USB memory device as I work.

    Technically, there's a tremendous amount of work going on with new forms of memory storage, ranging from hybrid optical to biologicals (! no kidding) to molecular phase devices to new variations on magnetic approaches to DNA analogues to... gosh, for all I know, they're working on storing data in pizza.

    What shakes out as new standards over the next few years should be interesting.


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