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Topic: Miroslav™ Philharmonik™ details revealed

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    Thumbs up Miroslav™ Philharmonik™ details revealed

    There are some new details on Miroslav™ Philharmonik™.
    This is the link of IK multimedia if someone wants to go there.
    It seems to look good even if I can't get the mp3s demo posted there.
    I hope that someone could help us to be able to hear them.

    Miroslav™ Philharmonik™

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    Re: Miroslav™ Philharmonik™ details revealed

    heard the Demos.

    Not as good as the lower end samples like GPO or Silver. Some good expressive samples though, but the sound quality is a bit airy. Not bad but I don't think even with the new package that its worth the price.

    Just my opinion. Should be priced at around $150. Then it would be a good entry level sound set. But at $500 its too steep. I'd still go with GPO or Silver as an entry level sample set.



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    Re: Miroslav™ Philharmonik™ details revealed

    The mp3's are working here. Btw, they are a little drown in reverb.

    Dunno if MV is up to date with the current libraries. It's a classic, and I really love the expresiveness of the library, of woodwinds particularly, but for the 499€ this plugin costs you can get K2 with a lite version of VSL. Or Gpo, or EWQLSO silver

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    Smile Re: Miroslav™ Philharmonik™ details revealed

    I can't really hear the demo.
    When I try to download them my browser (mozilla) seem to be unable to get them.
    i don't know what I can do!
    But thanks for the comments-

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    Re: Miroslav™ Philharmonik™ details revealed

    I recognise at least one of the demos as being the same on the Ilio site for the original giga/akai version of the library, so nothing new to show really. I think the strings still hold up and the percussion would be highly useable, but the whole thing sounds a little... thin? Not quite up to the standard of GPO which is half the price and 3.5 times smaller in terms of space I think.

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    Re: Miroslav™ Philharmonik™ details revealed

    I'm using Mozilla Firefox and don't have any problem downloading them... I wish I did actually, because I really did not want to hear these...
    Brain Edwards

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    Re: Miroslav™ Philharmonik™ details revealed

    The full orchestral demo is quite old.

    Once released I'm pretty sure many demos will surprise all of us. I have a very good opinion of Vitous stuff.


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    Re: Miroslav™ Philharmonik™ details revealed

    Quote Originally Posted by Unicornation
    Those demos are awful. They managed to make the new string demo sound worse than the original one on the ilio site. GPO sounds better, Silver sounds better, and MOTU's upcoming Symphonic Instrument is 8GB, and presumably will sound better, and all three are only $250. Why would anyone spend $500 on this?
    We know Miroslav is good. Not 3,000 bucks good, but thats why this is so cool its been reduced SO low! The choir alone until recently cost a thousand. Even when QLSO and VSL were released some guys stil turned to MV for the Oboe (for example) because the solo woods are so expressive and airy (compare it to GPO then tell me GPO is better). The string sections are another thing everyone raved about. The official demos on ilios site werent that great for the original either, and these sound the same.. I wil use this to augment my sound with these old great sounds.

    I predict it will be better than GPO for certian, and definitly better than the free K2 and GigaVSL.

    Like someone else said, I think people will be surprised.


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    Re: Miroslav™ Philharmonik™ details revealed

    Well, I was more interested in this before K2 arrived with 7.5 gigs of VSL material, but...

    Still might be interesting for the choirs and as people mentioned the samples are very expressive. Might also depend on whether you have Sampletank or Sonic Synth and might be able to get some sort of special pricing.

    I'm taking a wait and see look at this. Wait and see what David might have up his sleeve in terms of programming and using some of the features of the ST engine. I'm sure the programming will be top notch.

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    Re: Miroslav™ Philharmonik™ details revealed

    Frankly the demos sound like placeholders as they are the same as the old Miroslav demos. I hope they get someone to do a good demo to really show what it can do.

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