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Topic: delta 1010 users....help

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    delta 1010 users....help

    Just installed giga full. I have delta 1010. cakewalk 9.0 I can utilize giga, trinity midi, and audio tracks recorded from scratch, but any old songs with audio cannot be heard. I can replace the other midi module with the giga, but my audio won\'t play. Seems like with old tracks they won\'t share the soundcard. Any thoughts>

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    Re: delta 1010 users....help

    Here are list of things to try:

    1. make sure you have latest 1010 GSIF compatible drivers - check midiman\'s web site

    2. Remember that you only have 10 outputs, make sure the GS and the CW are not configured to use the same outputs. By default, GS is setup for outs 1,2 and so is CW.

    3. When you have your outputs configure properly, make sure you start GS first and launch CW from within the GS app (ie hit the \'sequencer\' button)

    4. You might want to make sure that you get some audio out of GS by itself - just load an instrument, hit a few keys on your controller. And make sure you can get some audio out of CW by itself.

    I hope one of these is the right answer.

    Joe (NemeSys)

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