hi everybody just a quick question, Im about to buy a new midi master controller, and Im trying to decide between the M-audio Radium49 , and the
Edirol PCR-50 , seems that the PCR-50 is clearly better and a bit more expensive , so I was going to buy the PCR-50, but I have this doubt,

the Radium49 has two wheels separated, one for pitch bend and another for modulation, two nice wheels

the PCR-50 has both pitch bend and modulation integrated in one single kind of wheel

I have the roland pc-180 which has the same and I never liked that kind of control

and because garritan controls volume all through the modulation wheel I wanted to ask u if any of u has used the GPO with the pcr-50 and if it worked ok for you and if u are happy with the modulation control in the PCR-50,

the people in the shop tell me that of course you can assign any of the switches sliders etc to the modulation controller so that u dont have to use that double pitchbend-modulation control and u can control the modulation with any other slider etc, do u think thats a good solution? have u done that?

basically from the radium49 I like its two separated wheels, and from the PCR-50 I like all the rest, so what to choose, I just want to know if you have used any of them with the GPO and which one was better for you

the radium49 is this one:

and the edirol pcr-50 is this one:

thank you in advance for your help and advice