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Topic: Maxtor Diamondmax Plus 40

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    Maxtor Diamondmax Plus 40

    Just thought I\'d pass this tip along.

    I picked up 2 of the above drives yesterday and installed them in my Giga system. I partitioned them into 5 volumes on each drive and installed similar sample types on each partition, i.e. strings, brass, winds, percussion, pianos, etc.

    I was amazed at how well these drives work for Gigasampler. I already use one of them in my Mac G4 for video capture/playback in ProTools, and it has performed flawlessly there, too, with ATTO benchmarks and FWB disk tests reporting sustained reads and writes greater than 29MB/sec. With so many partitions, I really lowered seek times and I now have latencies that are no greater than SCSI disks. Obviously there\'s lots of room for all my samples, too.

    I am not affiliated with Maxtor in any way, but I wanted to pass along this info.

    These disks are great, and at $250 apiece, quite a value too.

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    Re: Maxtor Diamondmax Plus 40

    These drives are still hard to get due to the demand. Try CompUSA, Staples, Buy or any of the other chains. They will match the $249 price. They may be backordered.

    Be sure to get the right drive (see below)
    ------here is some more information on model numbers: http://www.maxtor.com/technology/suffix.html http://www.maxtor.com/technology/kitnumbers.html

    Look especially at the kitnumbers site, it appears that a single kit number can contain different drive model numbers. these pages didn\'t include the dm+40, but the information still applies. this probably explains the discrepancies in bare drive vs. retail drives (sometimes the retails are cheaper for what appear to be the same drive).

    the model numbers for the dm+40 (they all have the dm+40 name regardless of the size):

    > 54098U8 (40.0 GB)
    > 53073U6 (30.7 GB)
    > 52049U4 (20.5 GB)
    > 51536U3 (15.3 GB)
    > 51024U2 (10.2 GB)

    The maxtor site contains a utility to tell you exactly what drive you have once it is installed.

    hope this helps.

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    Re: Maxtor Diamondmax Plus 40

    And then again....SCSI isn\'t falling behind either. With fully loaded Gigastudio setups, they still may be needed.

    Expect next generation drives from Quantum, Seagate, IBM in the sub 4ms average access & 48MB/s max throughput.

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    Re: Maxtor Diamondmax Plus 40

    About SCSI disks-

    I used to be a certified SCSI bigot, but after using this drive, I wonder...

    I measure latency in my system by comparing MIDI data (which are aligned precisely to timeline markers in PT) and the resultant audio tracks that are recorded to the Mac/PT from the Windows machine via ADAT lightpipe. With a Cheetah in the Giga system, I incur 8ms latencies. With the Maxtor drives partitioned as described above, the latencies were 8.4 - 8.7ms.

    I have to wonder if such a small difference justifies the added expense, heat, and noise of high-end SCSI disks. I know that SCSI has targeted command queing and all that, but what OS can really take advantage of it other than LINUX, which won\'t run any audio apps? Perhpas the biggest reason why a lot of PT users continue to buy external SCSI drives is inter-studio compatability, i.e. taking a harddrive to work in different facilities.

    You are right about disks such as the upcoming Cheetah: at 15k they will be beasts. But for purposes other than servers and super high-end AVID video editing, I am beginning to question their value.

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    Re: Maxtor Diamondmax Plus 40

    Dave, Papa,...
    Maybe someone with access to Gigastudio can test the Maxtor for max polyphony/performance.
    I suppose a lot of people want to plan eventual upgrades to their hardware to get started the minute Gigastudio is available.

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    Re: Maxtor Diamondmax Plus 40


    I couldn\'t agree more. I\'d like to see tests that not only qualify new drives and other equipment, I\'d really appreciate tests that would help us maximize performance with our existing equipment. For example:

    Disabling all networking controls; installing win98lite; assigning proper memory buffers for specific polyphony needs; partitioning drives for minimal latency; limiting display functions to 1000\'s or even 100\'s of colors; choosing the most efficient system font; and the list goes on.

    All of these modifications can significantly improve performance on the mac, and I\'ve found that they help with windows, too. It would be great if Nemesys could post such recommendations on their support pages. I think it would be a real help to everyone.

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