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Topic: Single monitor for 2 PCs, and networking?

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    Single monitor for 2 PCs, and networking?

    Hi all,

    I\'m considering a second PC dedicated to Gigasampler, and was wondering if anyone has done this using a single monitor and a monitor switch. I figure that when I\'m loading GS and tweaking a performance or using the GS editor, I don\'t really need to be looking at my sequencer screens. Anyone have thoughts on this?

    Also, what do you recommend for swapping files between the two? Ethernet cable? Or, read-write CD drives in both (I already have one in the first PC) -- does that seem like a suitable solution?

    Also, along these lines, this may be a dumb question, but: why isn\'t it possible to simply hook a SCSI cable between two PCs and have one be able read what\'s on the hard drives of the other?


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    Re: Single monitor for 2 PCs, and networking?

    Yes, switches can be great. Stay away from the basic rotary boxes and get a Belkin or equivalent. You’ll spend 3 or 4 times more, but you’ll be happy you did.

    Fast Ethernet (100BaseT) is the way to go for connecting your systems. You can connect the two systems directly with a Crossover cable between the Ethernet cards, without the expense of a Hub. This connection is fast enough to stream samples to GS off the other computer!

    SCSI doesn’t work that way. Each system has a controller card that rules everything on the chain. Two “kings” would be a problem.

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    Re: Single monitor for 2 PCs, and networking?

    Thought I would add that the cool Belkin or similar switch boxes take care of your Monitor, Mouse and Keyboard. There are even rackmount versions available. These can handle anything from 2-8 computers and they can apparently be linked together to provide more.

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    Re: Single monitor for 2 PCs, and networking?

    I did a search and came up with the following:

    This looks very cool. Am I correct, Dave, that you use this in your personal setup. I absolutely would love to not have to add another keyboard, mouse and monitor to my studio setup. Is this truely the answer?


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    Re: Single monitor for 2 PCs, and networking?


    I\'ve heard of people doing this, and there is one thing that\'s quite important. Unless you have a very new monitor like the mitsubishi diamond pro\'s (which can autosense the mode) you should make sure that both pc\'s are running with the same graphics card, and the same desktop size/resolution etc. Otherwise, when you switch between them, you will have a mode mismatch, or, the mode\'s ok, but one of the screens could be 1 inch to the left or something. You get the idea? I would recommend 2 cheap and reliable graphics cards, like 2 TNT\'s.


    p.s. Ethernet is definitely the way to go. That\'s what I use and it\'s very quick. If you network the other machine\'s drives it\'s very easy to fling wav\'s/gigs back and forward for editing. MAKE SURE YOU GET 100 speed ethernet cards though, it will make a huge difference if you are using a direct crossover connection, VERY FAST!!

    Here\'s a thought - you know how Hubi\'s midi loopback allows a virtual midi driver within windows - I wonder if someone could write a similar driver, but one that works over a network. i.e. You run the driver on both networked machines, and it allows you to send midi from the sequencer on Machine 1 to Giga on machine 2. (no need for a midi interface on the other machine!). And a virtual audio cable version would be even more wicked! Using the processor of the other machine, but sucking the audio back onto the first machine as a virtual audio channel. cool. Right, off to the patents website.

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    Re: Single monitor for 2 PCs, and networking?


    I found something on the web called \"MidiViaNet\" (1.0 BETA), it\'s made by Ebertronic LC and it is supposed to allow midi AND synchronization over a local network...
    here is a part of the installation menu :

    3. Basic usage examples of MidiViaNet
    3.1 General
    3.2 Piping Midi data to a second PC
    3.3 Slaving a PC to the Master
    3.4 Real time Jamming via network

    ..Hehe :-)...

    I haven\'t tried it yet. If you want it and can\'t find it on the web, I\'ll be glad to send it to you

    Best regards

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    Re: Single monitor for 2 PCs, and networking?


    Bifop, what can i say, great minds think alike......

    I found the file so I\'m gonna try it. All we need now is for someone to make the Virtual Audio cable version.

    Hmm, off to build another pc methinks.


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    Re: Single monitor for 2 PCs, and networking?

    I second your wish ;
    (all together)
    Virtual audio port via network,
    Virtual audio port via network,
    Virtual audio port via network,
    Virtual audio port via network,....


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    Re: Single monitor for 2 PCs, and networking?

    wondering if someone would be willing to post a brief primer on Fast Ethernet, or point to a link that has a good explainer for the layman. Looking for basics such as what do I need to set up an ethernet link? A card in each computer? Are they PCI cards? What kind of cable, etc.

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    Re: Single monitor for 2 PCs, and networking?

    please disregard my latest post above. I\'ve found out the info I need on Fast Ethernet.


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