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Topic: Thank You Gary

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    Thank You Gary

    I just want to take a second to thank Gary here on the Forum.

    I had an entire week to not only work with Gary but also get to know him as a person, friend and colleague. My friends, he is the real deal. His commitment towards this community is extraordinary. I remember speaking to him in the early days of GOS. Back then he had an idea that he would develop some tools and with the support of the community of users those tools could and eventually would blossom. I think this past week is proof that this was more than just an idea but an early rendition of a vision, which, with your essential help, has and will continue to come to fruition.

    So thank you Gary for everything that was and everything that will be. It’s an exceptional journey and I’m so delighted to be a part of it.

    Your friend,

    Phone: 917-327-0293
    Email: andy@andybrick.com
    Web: http://www.andybrick.com
    AIM: andybrick
    Skype: andrewbrick

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    Re: Thank You Gary


    - m
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