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Topic: dual EIDE hard drives for GIGs

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    dual EIDE hard drives for GIGs

    I use one IDE channel for the Windows HDD and CD-ROM, and I am planning to strip two EIDE hard drives on the second IDE channel, dedicated to GIG files only.
    Can anyone advice if it would be any decrease in performance if there will be two drives over one IDE channel, and both of them accesed by the GS at the same time?

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    Re: dual EIDE hard drives for GIGs


    Two ATA drives on the same channel shouldn\'t be a problem. When you install them and initialize them, create different volumes on each drive. The first volume on any drive is always significantly faster because there is less area for the drive head to seek. This should help a lot.

    It works the best when you assign sample sets to the same volume/partition that you\'re likely to use at the same time.

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    Re: dual EIDE hard drives for GIGs

    Thanks, Doug!

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