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Topic: So many Rex libs, I'm drowning...

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    So many Rex libs, I'm drowning...

    I've added all the current Expanders, plus Pure Tabla, Pure Brazilian and several other Rex libs. Adding a new Rex track (and I've got 2 more CDs on the way) is a fairly slow process now, not like at first. Dual 1.25 Mac with 2G RAM and DP4.5.

    I can live with that part - but now one of my pieces with several active RMX Groove tracks is so topheavy that even though I can play and work with it, when I go to close the file, it locks up the computer! (BTW, no FX involved, just 6 tracks of Groove Menu with a dozen or two Rex loops)

    Is it possible to set aside the unused Rex tracks in a project, move them temporarily from their working folders into a temporary holding directory until they are needed? What about the Expansion libs?

    Will this make a difference?

    I love this app, but it's got so many options that some management techniques are needed, to keep from overwhelming the computer.
    It's all about the music - really. I keep telling myself that...

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    Re: So many Rex libs, I'm drowning...

    There are some tips at the end of the SAGE convertor tutorial for managing your imported grooves. Having a large number of directories in User Librariies, and a large number of suites in those directories doesn't affect RMX. A large suite may take a while to load in groove menu mode, but that shouldn't affect anything when you save it. If you're having a problem when you save, contact tech support so they can get the details. Thanks.

    - Glenn

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    Re: So many Rex libs, I'm drowning...

    Thanks, Glenn. I'm not having a problem saving RMX setups, or even the DP file. It's just when I go to close the song, it shuts down and just sits there. I have to Force Quit from the Apple menu, and then go through the whole 'rebuild the OS' schtick (sudo periodic etc., repair permissions, reboot...)

    I know that my first expansion libs and first couple of Rex imports went smoothly, after that, it starts bogging down when adding more Rex libs (I have Burning Grooves on order, when it's released I'll see if that slows it down also, but for now, I'm assuming it's the Rex libs.

    I have watched the vid and heeded the tips, but it doesn't seem to be relevant here (but I will reiterate that a more comprehensive library structure would be useful - more subdirectory levels, like Atmosphere, but user-definable...)

    I'll try tech support, but I don't think there's much they can do, other than tell me to get a G5 with 4G memory...
    It's all about the music - really. I keep telling myself that...

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    Re: So many Rex libs, I'm drowning...

    Adding more REX libraries or Xpanders doesn't slow down your system...I've got a huge library now and it's the same as without those libraries. Adding more sub directories wouldn't make it faster either.

    What slows down your system is using a lot of simultaneous Groove Menus like you described...if your REX converted suites are close to the 61 groove limit....then you are using a massive amount of RAM with 6 simultaneous Groove Menus loaded.

    Remember that Groove Menu mode loads ALL the grooves in a Suite into RAM...so that can be pretty extensive and they can add up quickly.

    But that can happen with just the Core Library too.....doesn't have anything to do with adding libraries.

    You can try saving/reloading the Song or Multi to free up RAM usage....that can really help when you have a lot of stuff happening simultaneously.

    Hope that's helpful.


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    Re: So many Rex libs, I'm drowning...

    Thanks, Eric. Yes it did help. I'm also just working with one of the Groove modes at a time, now that I have the parts finalized, and recording to audio before opening the next. The file will close now (although slowly, it's still pretty busy.)

    But I added two more Rex libs last night and it still is fine. Love this app! (Frankly, it's the Chaos function that makes me laugh with delight every time I want a live sound, not a loop. Best feature in any app since Texture. )
    It's all about the music - really. I keep telling myself that...

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    Talking Re: So many Rex libs, I'm drowning...

    Glad you're digging!

    spectrum :-)

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