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Topic: Whats the best MIDI CONTROLLER ????

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    Whats the best MIDI CONTROLLER ????

    I would like to know what\'s the best Midi Controller keyboard to trigger samples in Gigasampler.

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    Re: Whats the best MIDI CONTROLLER ????

    Tricky to answer that one

    Are you talking the key action, the midi implementation, portability, ...

    If you are a \'piano man\' here\'s some good ones:

    Roland A90(EX)
    Yamaha P200, S80 (has onboard sounds)
    Fatar Studio 1100

    The Fatar keyboard is also used in the
    Kurzweil PC88 and peavy controller.

    If you are looking for a GS only controller and are not demanding an exact replica of a piano action then the Fatar might be doing OK.


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    Re: Whats the best MIDI CONTROLLER ????

    I have a Fatar Studio 900 and I love it. I don\'t know if they are still available, but it is terrific.

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