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Topic: Gigasampler Ram

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    Gigasampler Ram

    I have PIII/450 128 meg ram Darla.G/S is the only app I run on this system, I have another PIII450 on which I run Cubase.
    1.G/S Locks up when I load more than one large sample. eg Gigapiano & Steinberg B. I also sometimes get little clicks in some samples, when I have alot loaded
    Is there any advantage in me increasing my ram?
    2.Are there any specific system settings I should be using, for G/S - Darla?

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    Re: Gigasampler Ram

    disk subsystem with high enough STR (sustained tranfer rate) is important: ultraDMA33 or 66 or SCSI.

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    Re: Gigasampler Ram

    Upgrading to 256MB Ram mades all the difference.

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