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Topic: How many MIDI input ports are supported?

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    How many MIDI input ports are supported?

    I am seriously thinking of buying GigiSampler, but I would like to know first whether it can support multiple MIDI input ports.

    I am planning to run it on the computer with a lot of RAM (512MB) and I get the impression from other messages that the number of MIDI channels is dependent on that. I will be sending data from my sequencer to GigaSampler on at least 32 MIDI input channels, however, since each MIDI port can only handle 16 channels, this means at least two MIDI input ports. Can GS do it?
    (Any brief explanation of how would be appreciated.)

    Related question: if I am running a software sequencer and GS on the machine, do I need a hardware MIDI interface card at all?

    Many thanks,

    Richard Cox.

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    Re: How many MIDI input ports are supported?

    At the moment GS can only hsndle 16 midichannels from 1 input. In the near future there will be a version with more channels.

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    Re: How many MIDI input ports are supported?

    If you are using Gigasampler on the same machine as your sequencer, you don\'t need a hardware MIDI interface. It will create an internal \"virtual\" port.

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    Re: How many MIDI input ports are supported?

    Thanks guys.

    To make sure I understand how GS works overall I am submitting a possible explanation. Can you point out where I am wrong, please?

    ---Start of explanation---
    Each individual sample stored on the hard disk consists of a single articulation of one of more instruments playing together, eg. Violin Section Pizzicato or Solo Flute Legato.

    Samples can be grouped together to form sample groups (I bet they are not called that). In most cases, different articulations of the same instrument would be grouped together. During playback, a midi controller message selects which particular articulation will be used for subsequent notes.

    Also during playback, MIDI program change messages can be sent to GS in order to select which program group should play on that channel.
    ---End of explanation---

    Supplementary questions:

    1) What is the limit on the number of samples which can be group into a sample group?

    2) When adding samples to a group, is it possible to specify a volume level for each sample, for example, to level out inconsistencies in volume between

    3) If I add a sample to more than one group, are multiple copies of the sample stored hard disk? Similarly, during playback would the sample be loaded into RAM multiple times?

    Many thanks, in advance. Forgive my detailed questions - I am very keen to understand well before buying both to avoid nasty surprises and to give myself the best chance of progressing fast once I do purchase.

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