Hello !
It's been couple days I'm trying to have a sound comin out of GS3 .
I'm a noob and I would like to make VOTA utility works with Cubase SX and GS3.
I've read all post about it and I think the problem comes from GS3 .

Sequencer (Cubase SX) : Marble midi loop out 1

Utility midi in : Marble midi loop in 1
Utility midi out : Gigaport control 1 (I dont know why I don't have possibility ti choose Nemesys port 1 or maybe it's the same)

GS3 : in -none- , and out -Nemesys port 1-
It's configured with Rewire dll , so in and out can't be changed.

I have no sound comin out but when I play on keyb the signal goes correctly from sequencer to VOTA util, I have loaded correctly the Vota SAmples I think
using WC ah mod for an example (not ah-uh mod or ee-mm , etc. )

Someone can help me please ?

[edit] here's my config :

Athlonxp 2800
1go ram
Soundcard : Emu 1212m