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Topic: SCSI 160?

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    SCSI 160?

    Has anyone used the new SCSI 160mbs drives? Is it worth it, or is good old 80mbs sufficient? I noticed ASUS has a board (the P3C-S) that has all great ASUS stuff, plus the 820 chipset plus the SCSI 160 adapter built right in. Sounds tasty. Anyone?

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    Re: SCSI 160?

    I just launched a thread on www.storagereview.com to inquire if a $125 Promise Fasttrack66 (Raid O of two idental cheaper IDE drives) would achieve better results then (any?) single SCSI drive.
    Especially the new soon to be released \'Maxtor Diamond 40 Plus\' should in theory blow everything away.
    So far the answers I got are inconclusive.
    Maybe Nemesys has experience with Fasttrack66?

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