Hey everyone, i have a quick question. My Giga 2.5 is...lets say...finally functional.

I have been getting my new work done, and noticed something with the capture to audio feature. I use SONAR to sequence. If i "sync to start/stop,"
GigaStudio will only do an audio capture when i start from the beginning of a song. If i dont select to sync, then it just starts recording immediately and locking the wave file to time with my other SONAR audio tracks becomes a pain.

Is there any way around this, or some way to correct the sync so i can start/stop from anywhere using SONAR and having Giga record correctly??

Starting from 0:00:00 is really annoying when ya have 35 tracks worth of samples to convert to individual audio files, especially when a sample is only used in a maybe 1 or 2 sections!