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Topic: How about a GGO?

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    How about a GGO?

    Garritan Gamelan Orchestra?
    It's a nice idea... it's just I don't see many affordable gamelan packs in one. If there are some which are around the same price as GPO would anyone like to point any out? Or... if there aren't - there's an idea, I would make one but I don't have the right equipment available to me at the moment. Anybody feel up to making one? Just a general thought.

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    Re: How about a GGO?

    One state away from Gary was Gamelan Sari Pandhawa in Eugene, Oregon, and I rather liked what I've heard on their site, particularly because they have MIDI files that you can dissect for study. Don't know if they're still around: seems that their site is dead now...

    In fact, it seems that the Pacific Northwest has quite a lot of gamelan groups compared to the rest of the US. I don't know where his usual live engineer resides, but Gary's got plenty in his back yard!

    You're right, not many affordable libraries out there: typically they're just one bit of a monolithic library that breaks most budgets. Or they're cheap and only contain loops with not multi-sampled instruments. I like to be able to buy a *complete* subset of instruments (not loops) at a reasonable cost, rather than paying for lots of extras that I'll never use.

    I would absolutely love to have a complete gamelan at my disposal: probably my favorite music in the world, though I can't explain why! I'll happily produce and program one if I get funding someday! And I'll even throw in an algorithmic gamelan composition generator as a bonus.

    - m
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    Re: How about a GGO?

    Quote Originally Posted by Bodweiser
    Garritan Gamelan Orchestra?
    What's a Gamelan orchestra?

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    Re: How about a GGO?

    Isn't it some type of West Indian instrument group?

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    Cool Re: How about a GGO?

    Gee! And here I was hoping that "GGO" translated to "Garritan Gangantuan Orchestra".

    I've recently had a personal revelation that trying to create music within the confines of the "traditional" orchestra is TOTALLY irrelevant as the "modern" symphony orchestra is (in my opinion) a dinosaur headed for the slag heap of musical history.

    While this may seem an inflammatory opinion or stance to some narrow minds, it is, I believe, a reasonable approach to turns ones' back on "tradition" and blaze off on your/my own quest for new sonic delicacies that are not confined by what 80 (or 102) musicians can perform for a shrinking/elitist audience. Rather than predicate the music that I create on whether it can (or will) be performed by a "traditional symphony orchestra", I'll leave it to others to figure out how it might be adapted (if at all) to fit that particular format. (Look at the cinematic scores of Danny Elfman, for example: he starts with a "Hollywood orchestra" customized to what he wants, takes those "starting tracks" and does "his magic" completely offline and independently using those simply as "resources" to weave his final sound. No one worries about whether his finished soundtrack can be performed by the local Wherever, Idaho symphony orchestra. His "finished" work is what counts.)

    Color me wild n crazy -- all visionaries are!


    P.S. Hear a 30-minute "sampler edition" of my "Two Cents Worth" program for www.CygnusRadio.com featuring works by Brian Shaw, Luke Skirenko, Donald Sorah (BrassPig), Rene Schmidt (fmfgs), Michael Quinlan and others here in HiFi or here in dial-up friendly LoFi.

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    Re: How about a GGO?

    I'm with you Kev, so they'll have to lynch me too.

    Why confine yourself to the realistic all the time. One of the greatest things about this digital era of music, is that you are free to express yourself in any way you feel possible. Its the end musical result that matters.

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    Re: How about a GGO?

    Quote Originally Posted by cptexas
    What's a Gamelan orchestra?
    Gamelan is a type of ensemble used to create Balinese music of the same name. Here's a good starting point for learning about Gamelan music:


    It mostly comprises of gongs and metalophones of various sizes (sometimes with added drums and maybe an occasional "fiddle" or flute/wind lead).

    The music itself is based upon two non-western tuned scales. Rythmically, it consists of interlocking patterns of ostinatos for the base, shifting tempos at major sections between eighths and sixteenths for contrast. Structurally, everything is in an almost mathematical cycle that repeats, marked by gongs at the logical divisions.

    To me, it's the "original trance music". I can get totally lost in it.

    Other Balinese ensembles and forms are equally as fascinating, such as the "kecak" (or "ketjak") where groups of up to 70 men chant in rhythmic interlocking patterns in amazing precision.

    More modern Gamelan forms can be found in the "Akira" movie soundtrack, and the 1980's version of King Crimson was inspired in part to be a sort of "electronic Gamelan"! (title track of the "Discipline" album, best example)

    - m
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    Re: How about a GGO?

    Quote Originally Posted by Markleford
    Gamelan is a type of ensemble used to create Balinese music of the same name. Here's a good starting point for learning about Gamelan music:

    Gamelan also had an influence on Debussy (and probably Satie and Ravel, as well) back around the turn of the 20th century.

    There's a good paper on that here=>

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    Re: How about a GGO?

    The college I went to (Oberlin) had a Gamelan orchestra which you could enroll in for ensemble credit. I was in it for a semester and loved it! I still think it's my favorite non-western music.
    Dan Powers

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    --Ray Luke (1928-2010)

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    Re: How about a GGO?

    Gamelan refers to the types of orchestra played in Indonesia. Each gamelan is slightly different from the other. Different gamelan function as different instrumental groups with specific orchestral functions. The instruments themselves in a gamelan are composed of sets of tuned bronze gongs, gong-chimes, metallophones, drums, one or more flute, bowed and plucked string instruments, and sometimes singers. In some village gamelan, bronze is sometimes replaced by iron, wood, or bamboo. The most popular gamelan can be found in Java, and Bali.

    "In Indonesian traditional thinking, the gamelan is sacred and is believed to have supernatural power. Both musician and non-musicians are humble and respectful to the gamelan... Some gamelan are believed to have so much powers that playing them may exert power over nature. "

    "Gamelan is a way of linking individuals in social groups. Gamelan music is performed as a group effort, and so there is no place for an individual showoff. Traditionally, gamelan is only played at certain occasions" From the Indoneisian Gamelon Site

    I'm all for sampling this intriguing instrument.

    Gary Garritan

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