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Topic: Slow loading w/ 1.52

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    Slow loading w/ 1.52

    Please forgive me if this is a numbskull question, but I know very little about PC's ( I'm using one for Kontakt/QLSO). I had a boot drive which failed. Now, having recovered from that disaster I find that my Kontakt multi's seem to take forever to load.

    All the QLSO stuff, including the patches and multis, is on a second internal drive. I seem to remember when I first got this machine Kontakt took a pretty long time to boot up. After double clicking the icon nothing seemed to happen (for 30 sec or so) but after that everything was fine. But one day Kon. booted right up (4-5 sec. ) and never reverted back to the slow load issue.

    Can any of you PC guru's out there hazard a guess as to what may be going on?


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    Re: Slow loading w/ 1.52


    Hayden posted a fix for slow loading Kontakt that worked for me- changing loading times from 4 minutes to 3 seconds. Options>Turn off Swap memory.

    Apparently this switch might caused issues if you don't have much RAM. I have 2 GB and so far OK. Maybe give this a try.


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