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Topic: mboard

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    Abit bx6v2 or asus p3bf?
    I\'m getting a new motherboard, and i wonder if anyone knows if there really is something to gain with the dma66 function on a board with the bx-chipset, since the the chipset itself doesn\'t fully support the dma66 standard. I got an ibm 66 disk.
    Is it smartet of me to go for a dma66 board or one with better overclocking facilities?

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    Re: mboard

    And offcourse, what effect does dma66 with a bx-chipset have on gigasampler\'s performance ?

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    Re: mboard

    DMA66 only adds higher data burst speeds to drive throughput. That means the first chunk of data sitting in the drive\'s cache (typically 512K to 2MB in size) will get out fast, but the rest won\'t. What\'s more important to Gigasampler is drive access time -- how fast it can get to the next chunk of data.

    If overclocking is an important aspect to you, get the ASUS P3B-F. It is THE most stable BX motherboard out there and very forgiving of marginal components. If the idea of not using your brand new shiny hard drive to it\'s fullest potential will drive you up the wall, add the Promise Technology Ultra66 controller for around $30. Then you\'ll get the best of both worlds.

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