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Topic: GS and Cubase together via ReWire!!

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    GS and Cubase together via ReWire!!

    While at a session at my local music store last evening, I was told by a Cubase rep that the GS will be supporting VST\'s ReWire technology in the near future. This means that every channel of GS (16) can be used as an audio track within VST; and you know what that means... EFFECTS!! along with a host of other features offered by VST. At the same session I was told by an Event rep that the MultiClient drivers for Gina, Darla and Layla are far away if they are coming at all. They aren\'t to excited about multiclient drivers. I am really excited about the possibility of VST and GS via ReWire, can Dave or any other GS rep confirm what I was told last night?

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    Re: GS and Cubase together via ReWire!!

    That\'s really hot, if it\'s really true.
    Let\'s see, what NemeSys will say.


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    Re: GS and Cubase together via ReWire!!

    Ofcourse this is not tru! Who would like Gigasampler with the same delay that the \'VST instruments\' give. But ofcourse there will always be Direct-x and ASIO rumours, no matter what Nemesys will say.

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    Re: GS and Cubase together via ReWire!!

    WHAT?? Are you serious? No multiclient drivers for Event audio cards? They just told me 2 days ago that they are about to release them! Anyone else have input?

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    Re: GS and Cubase together via ReWire!!

    I don\'t think latency would be a problem. GS would use the same features that Rebirth does to get into VST. I have both Rebirth and VST and the two work marvelously together; definately an excellent job by the Steinberg porgrammers. Rewire technology is different from VST instruments, and doesn\'t have the delay, latency problems.

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