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Topic: Gigasampler, Cakewalk & Hardware

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    Gigasampler, Cakewalk & Hardware

    Wanted to know if someone could tell me their experiences with using Cakewalk, GS, and what modifications they did to their PC. I\'m using a Layla system, on a PII 333mHz Acer system with 64MB RAM. Want to know pros and cons of using a system, and what challenges I would run into. Thanks

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    Re: Gigasampler, Cakewalk & Hardware

    Hi Macca,
    I have used Giga extensively with Cakewalk 8.04 for quite some time now and while I wouldn\'t call myself an expert, I have been able to do anything that I have wanted to do with the combination of the two. Cakewalk seems to drive Giga with no problems. I am able to sequence track after track of Giga sounds, convert MIDI tracks to audio tracks and do vocals with no problem. I run on a PII 350 with 128 Megs of ram. I do have slight clicks and pops when running Giga Piano. Hopefully when I beef up to 256 Megs of ram this problem will cease. Be sure to avoid the velocity video cards which seem to not want to cooperate with cakewalk. I have upgraded to Cakewalk 9.0 which is a substantial upgrade however I have not been able to utilize all of it\'s features as of yet due to Lexicon\'s piss poor Core2 sound card which locks up when using Cakewalk 9.0.


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