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Topic: Blast from the past!

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    Talking Blast from the past!

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    Reading through the HS memories thread reminded me...
    I found a cd of my college senior recital last night, so I decided to rip a few tracks and toss them online for humor's sake.

    The recording is pretty crappy. They basically put a mic up in the middle of the stage. The space was completely wooden, so the sound bounces around like a maniac.

    Here's a quick run down of the tracks:

    Been a Long Day - from "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying". This was a big visual comedy piece, so you'll hear laughter for no apparent reason http://www.changeling-sound.com/voca...a_Long_Day.mp3

    Carolina Girl - a friend of mine wrote this song. It's from a musical called "Cicada Dance". Two of my buddies sang with me. http://www.changeling-sound.com/voca...olina_Girl.mp3

    Mr. Cellophane - from "Chicago". I did this shortly before the movie came out. Fun little diddy. http://www.changeling-sound.com/vocals/Cellophane.mp3

    The Mason Song - from a musical called "Working" which is based off of Studs Terkel's book about real-life blue collar people and the interviews they gave for the book. This song centers around "The Mason", strangely enough. http://www.changeling-sound.com/vocals/Mason.mp3

    Nice - this is a duet from the musical "The Pajama Game" that I did with one of my very best friends that lives in Chicago. The performance was also our only rehearsal. Whee! http://www.changeling-sound.com/vocals/Nice.mp3

    No More - from "Into The Woods". Did this with my mentor from college. He's a pro actor that is probably the most intelligent person on the planet. He's a powerhouse to watch on stage. He has a one-man show about Mark Twain that he's been doing since the 70's. He's ridiculous. http://www.changeling-sound.com/vocals/No_More.mp3

    Why Can't I Walk Away - from an obscure little musical called "Dance A Little Closer". It's a simple song, but was given to me during my freshman year, so I thought it would be cool to sing it when I was a senior. http://www.changeling-sound.com/voca..._Walk_Away.mp3

    Anyway. I had about a week of practice, in between 23 hours of class, a part time job, and being in a show...not to mention several people came in the day of the recital from out of town that were in the show...I cringe listening to a lot of it. It's funny how stressed out I got about something that ultimately didn't mean much in my college career, but it was a lot of fun to come across the cd and thought I'd share.


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    Re: Blast from the past!

    Nice! You must've been one of those musical theater guys...I would've been soundly flogged if I'd sung a program like that for my senior recital.

    Thanks for posting those...kind of makes me want to go dig up my old recital tapes...

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