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Topic: Giga Studio FAQ's

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    Giga Studio FAQ\'s

    Just got this in from Francis @ Nemesys

    What is GigaStudio?

    GigaStudio is NemeSys’ new flagship product.

    Is GigaSampler being replaced?

    GigaSampler will continue to be produced and fully supported, but many users are probably going to want to switch when they see GigaStudio\'s features.

    What are the features?

    Our ad in Keyboard lists: up to 160 streaming disk-based voices, fully integrated extensible workspace environment, powerful wave editing, 64 MIDI channels, professional effects with automation, format conversion utilities and sampling capacity of over 4.3 gigabytes per sample.

    It\'s all true, and much more will be announced at NAMM

    What are the system requirements?

    We recommend a PIII 450, 128MB RAM, UltraIDE/DMA/SCSI drive, GSIF compatible card, but it will run on older systems. Be sure to get a GSIF card, because several new features will make extensive use of GSIF.

    When will GigaStudio be available?

    Ship dates will be announced at NAMM.

    We can\'t wait to see this. Sounds great!!!

    PaPa Chalk & Desound

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    Re: Giga Studio FAQ\'s

    Hope it ships sooner than some of the things anounced at last years NAMM!!

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    Re: Giga Studio FAQ\'s

    Sounds very much like Nemesys sooner or later want to make us spending more money for the Gigasampler via upgrades.

    To be honest I am not very happy about this announcement. I do not need 160 voices nor do I find it interesting if I look at the many BUGS in the instrument editor (even destroying files!) and some missing BASIC features like bank-switching!

    I´d like Nemesys not only to keep but to maintain the Gigasampler. I do not feel like buying, buying, buying when some of the basic things have not been solved.

    I´d be more delighted to hear about V2.0.


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    Re: Giga Studio FAQ\'s

    Hello Horst,
    Remember all the things we all put in the wish list well your probally looking at it.
    here is a quote from Joe @ nemesys back in october.
    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size=\"1\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">quote:</font><HR>To answer your questions, yes the GS Editor UI is going to be improved, based on the suggestions in the wishlist. We are trying to maintain a look and feel so experienced users do not have to learn a new product, while adding features that allow you to more easily build instruments. The users group is regularly visited by us at NemeSys, and we do look at the comments/suggetions/complaints concerning our products. Thanks for the input.

    Joe (NemeSys)<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>
    Heres the link to that quote http://www.northernsounds.com/ubb/NonCGI/Forum2/HTML/000133.html

    The FAQ\'s we put up only show a little of what there is. Here part of a quote from francis at nemesys.
    \"It\'s all true, and much more will be announced at NAMM\". If you put your
    issues in the wishlist they probally were addressed.

    Thats why i can\'t wait to see GigaStudio at Namm.

    PaPa Chalk

    [This message has been edited by PaPa Chalk (edited 01-07-2000).]

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    Re: Giga Studio FAQ\'s

    What sort of effects will be used? Will there be a separate GS card to handle these effects and not put pressure on the CPU?

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    Re: Giga Studio FAQ\'s

    Maybe the Soundscape Mixtreme/GS bundle is a sign on the wall...

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    Re: Giga Studio FAQ\'s

    For anyone looking at the Keyboard Magazine add, be sure to read the fine print on the box. There’s a lot more detail than Papa’s post above!

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    Re: Giga Studio FAQ\'s

    From far away Europe...tell us, tell us...

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    Re: Giga Studio FAQ\'s

    160 Voices Polyphony
    64 MIDI Channels
    Dockable Components
    24bit/96k support
    GS Editor 2.0
    SquareCircles LoopDLoop Editor
    Soundflow sample database management program
    Nemeffects Plugin Modules w/MIDI automation
    Format Converters for Akai, EMU EOS, Kurzweil & Roland (yahoo)
    Resizable Components
    More Integrated
    Win95/98/2000 support


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    Re: Giga Studio FAQ\'s

    Thx MM.
    This looks indeed promising.
    Just wondering what the upgrade pricing will look like...

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